Here’s a brief thank you to the people who have been so helpful to Hope Springs Distillery so far:


Doug Stacks

Doug Stacks, Director of Planning and Development, City of Lilburn. Doug encouraged us to locate in Lilburn, and helped us find the space that became our premises. Doug also referred us to the General Contractor, who became another one of our heroes.




Howard Conner

Howard Conner, Conner Construction Associates, our General Contractor. Howard is a can-do kind of guy, and he made our building renovation go smoothly for us. Howard taught us to say “we ain’t got no money for that,” to help us save on our construction costs. He has also become a friend.


Builders Steel Supply

Builders Steel Supply/Duane & Gary. This company is our neighbor up the street, and these folks have been so generous with their time and help. Three times, equipment was delivered in such a way that we could not use our own forklift to unload it. Duane kindly allowed Gary, their forklift driver, to drive up here and help us, without any repayment.




Affordable Distilling Equipment

Affordable Distilling Equipment, and Micah. ADE supplied us with our still and other equipment, and all the folks there have been exceptionally helpful. Micah drove the equipment here from Doniphan, Missouri, and set it all up in just three days.